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Motivation Monday: What is your Vision?

I recently had a long conversation with my friend Angelike Psoinos, an amazing athlete and Oxygen Magazine’s October 2010 cover model, about life, goal setting and discovering our passion.

I shared some of my goals with her and a comment she made about a particular goal that I have turned our phone conversation into a pivotal moment in my life. Angelike told me that having this goal was great but I was also limiting myself with it. She went on to say that once I got off the phone, to pray and to think about what my vision was. Whatever I decided to do for 2011 and for the rest of my life it had to converge with my vision.

Last week I read this article 8 Steps to Creating a Great Vision, where Ari Weinzweig, founder of Zingerman’s Delicatessan, talked about how visioning helped take his company to where it is today. It was so inspiring I contacted Ari hoping he will give me some of his time. He was more than happy to grace me with his time. See what happens when you just go for it? You get to pick a successful man’s brain for FREE.


Ari Weinzweig

I shared my dream of starting a foundation in Haiti to help specifically women and young girls. I also shared my wish to help others here in the Unites States live a healthy lifestyle. Ari had a valuable advice for me that coincided with what Angelike told me. To quote Ari “just start by writing a vision of greatness for yourself and the organization, that’s really where to start everything we do!” Ari graciously shared his company’s 2020 vision along with a plethora of other resources.

Knowledge is power only if you do something with it right? I feel really fortunate to have such amazing friends and to have access to golden information through networking. In February I am writing  my vision and will go further than 2011 as Ari puts it. It will be real, I have to play it in my mind like a favorite movie, know every line, savor the vision of each victory. The same goes for living a healthy lifestyle. “I want to lose 40lbs” one would say, but do you see it? Do you have a plan? How far into the future is your vision for this plan? What happens after losing the 40lbs? Like Angelike would say “your vision has to be greater than that, you have to leave a legacy.” In this example your legacy may be to become a role model for your loved ones, for your kids. It can also be to change your family tree if there is a history of obesity.

My friend, today I urge you to program your own GPS. I didn’t say map but GPS because there will be roadblocks, dead ends, destinations, people who will not be a POI (Point of Interest) in your journey. Once you upload your map into your GPS then, and only then you can start your journey.

Until next time, spread the love…….

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