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Motivation Monday: Are you going through life using “But…”?

Serena Williams wins for the fourth time at Wimbledon in the UK. This was her 13th major win. A documentary has aired highlighting her trip to Kenya to encourage education and technological development.
I had an incredible experience the past 2 weeks. I decided in talking to people or communicating with them via email, chatting, or whatever form of communication to pay attention to what they were saying about what they do, themselves, and what they want out of life. The common denominator in most of the communication, not all of them, was the word “But” that preceded

  • the reason why life was the way it is now and it is someone else’s fault
  • a reason why things were unfair to them usually the “system”
  • what was wrong with their effort to lose weight
  • an excuse

I am writing about it today because I noticed that the same people who where abusing “BUT” had amazing things they want to accomplish BUT didn’t realize how their words were inconsistent with their goals.

Paying attention to what comes out of your mouth reveals a lot about your real attitude towards any goal. My little experiment revealed that

  • we may say that we want something but don’t try hard enough, or stick to the plan long enough for fear of losing what we have.   It’s much comfortable to fall off the wagon and start over. It’s much comfortable to have this nice piece of cake to feel bad about it the next day to think that since the package said it was 400 calories, we just have to stay on the treadmill until it reads 400 calories and you’re even. It sooooo doesn’t work like that.
  • Not doing anything unless we know exactly how everything will unfold.    Dear Lord, that used to be me. I can understand especially when you are on a budget.  Either way you look at it, you might as well do it afraid. For me a small budget made me more diligent and pay more attention to careful planning.
  • missing out on a great opportunity because we have the “competing” mindset especially amongst women.  What I know for sure is that you really get more by helping others and letting others help us even when you are doing the same type of business.  We are unique so what we have to offer will be unique as well. Don’t assume you know it all because there is always something to learn even when you are an expert.

I leave you with two things,

  1. pay attention to the sentence that follows when you say “BUT”, think about it, and going forward let your word truly be your wand and not the wall that you build for yourself.
  2. Do it afraid

One more thing, I promise. Because I don’t want to get to the top by myself,   I invite you fellow  mom-preneurs like me, business owners, business owners in a rut, you name it we all want the extra dough, to join this amazing national conference,   Spark & Hustle , that will change the way you do business, whatever your business is. I have more for you, when you register you get 10% off by

  1. Entering the special code WEBLY
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I’ll be there, will you join me? Until next time….. Spread the love.

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