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Day 5: HealthMC “A Busy Mom’s Success Story”

Today’s inspiration is a special guest. A down to earth, amazing, super funny, supermom.  I call her supermom because this woman manages to look so amazing with a very very CRAZY schedule.   Ty is one of the most genuine person that I know, she is loving, caring and what you see is what you get.  Read her story and let her inspire you as you prepare for HealthMC Day: 6 “Who’s on Your Team”

Read Ty’s own words

From the time I could remember, I’ve always wanted to live abundantly healthy.  I’ve always believed without your health you have NOTHING!  I think one of the hardest things about losing weight is admitting your own part in being overweight in the first place.  We are always quick to blame someone else for making us fat.  I use to blame “getting old” as the reason.  Huh…whatever!  I am in full control of what I put into my mouth EVERYDAY.  It is a choice, and every single day I have the choice to feed my body the best nutrition possible.

After twenty years of yo-yo dieting and life “getting in the way,” I set out on the journey of a lifetime.  In January of 2008, at age 42, I found myself unhappy, unhealthy and ready for a change.  In my heart I was ready, but with my extremely hectic lifestyle, I knew it wouldn’t be easy.  Eating nutritious “clean” meals takes lots of preparation and my time was already limited!  But living a healthier life was important to me and I had to make the time!   I needed a lot of faith, discipline and determination if I wanted to start LIVING and not just EXISTING.  At the end of the day, it’s about BELIEVING in yourself.  Knowing in your heart, that you are WORTHY!

After months of “clean eating” and resistance training, my body changed drastically.  I stayed committed, focused and determined to prove to myself that this time, I WOULD NOT QUIT like I had so many times before!  Quitting just made me a failure once again, and this time I truly wanted to reach my goals and WIN!  It would be more painful if I didn’t. After initially losing 30 pounds, I still wanted more!  Not to be “skinny”, but really wanting to sculpt my physique.  So, I challenged myself by entering a bikini competition.  Training and dieting for a competition was probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but the reward was wonderful!  Even with my long days and hectic lifestyle, I managed to stay committed.  For over 25 yrs. I’ve wanted to compete and there was no greater feeling than to do it at 44 yrs. old and to top it off, win third place!!  The feeling was AMAZING!  Even if I hadn’t placed, I still would have WON!  No trophy will ever validate my triumph!

Living a healthy, fit lifestyle isn’t easy, but it can be a lot easier if you plan, prepare and make yourself open to change.  Embrace new challenges and experiences so that you may grow.  Continue to believe in yourself and trust the process.  When I realized this was not simply about the number on the scale, but it was a LIFESTYLE change; I knew that I had finally figured it out, great things were yet to come and that I had finally arrived!

For all the women who think “40 something” is too old to start living healthy and fit, think again!  If you’re sitting there allowing yourself to think “it’s too hard”, “I can’t” or  “I’m a failure”…DON’T!  Don’t quit or give up.  If today is the day you were going to leave, quit or give up, postpone that decision another day.  Commit to taking care of YOU today.  When you get up tomorrow, praise yourself for making it one more day.  I hope that I can inspire you to find your inner and outer glow in the process.  Even on your toughest days…CLAIM YOU VICTORY!  YOU DESERVE IT!

To your every success,

Fitfully yours,

Tyneshia “Ty” Royal

Today’s Recipe is simple and quick “Quinoa Shrimp Salad”

Ultimate Blog Party 2011


Salmon Fillet With Sweet Potato & Cucumber

You ever had the feeling that you paid too much for an item after you bought it? That’s exactly the way I felt after buying some salmon filet at WholeFoods last week.  I usually get my salmon somewhere else but they are too small, I wanted thicker salmons so I settled for WholeFoods Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon fillet for $11.99 (12 oz).  They had better taste good, and boy! I do not regret the $11.99.

Fish is a healthy protein that you should eat at least 3 times a week.  The best ones to have are

  • salmon
  • mahi mahi
  • tilapia
  • flounder
  • catfish

SimpleChef will help you incorporate fish the clean eating style.  For this recipe you need

  • 4 salmon fillet
  • 2 medium sweet potato baked and diced with skin
  • 2 medium English cucumber
  • 1 tsp of white wine vinegar
  • 1/2 tsp stevia
  • a mandolin slicer.  I’ve had the Oxo good grip one for 5 years now and swear by it.
  • olive oil cooking spray
  • salt and pepper
  • other seasoning of choice for the fillet
  • non-stick pan

Step 1: Sprinkle the salmon fillet with salt, pepper, other seasoning and let it seat for a few minutes.

Step 2: remove some of the cucumber skin and slice them into ribbon style.  Sprinkle salt and pepper over it and let it seat for a few minutes.  Spray cooking spray on your pan and heat it over medium toss in the cucumber and let it saute for 2 minutes.  Add the vinegar and salt and toss for another minute and set it aside.

Step 3: Spray some more cooking spray – 5 quick spray is 1 serving – and let it heat over medium.  Cook the salmon for 5 minutes on each side.

The entire meal should yield 4 servings divided equally and

Voila le poisson succulent!

How To Make a Simple Omelet

We hear it over and over and it’s true “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”  I will add “Breakfast and lunch are the most important meals of the day” .   Eating your breakfast within the first 2 hours you are awake is ideal.  Also breakfast should not be

  • complicated
  • from a fast food place no matter how healthy the claims are (no nutrition labels, so you really don’t know what’s in there).  Some like McDonald’s get the simplest thing like oatmeal wrong, loaded with processed Je ne sais quoi.

To help you start your day right, SimpleChef brings you a quick, inexpensive and healthy breakfast that takes 10 minutes to prepare.  You will need:

  • 1 cup of baby spinach
  • 1/4 cup egg whites
  • 1 whole egg
  • 2 scallion chopped
  • Extra Virgin Olive oil cooking spray
  • 1 tsp goat cheese
  • non Stick pan

Step 1: Coat your pan with 5 quick spray of the extra virgin olive oil. Heat the pan over medium

Step 2: Mix the egg whites and whole egg and add to the pan.    Spread egg mixture evenly in pan and cook until center is set for about 3 minutes

Step 3: Spread spinach, goat cheese and scallion over half of omelet.  Carefully loosen omelet with a spatula around the corners and fold in half. Cover and cook for 1 minute.  Slide your omelet into a serving plate and


Day 0: “A Healthier Me Challenge: Preparation”

Congratulations! You’ve completed the first step in being committed and dedicated to simply leaving a healthy lifestyle.

I start with Day 0 because we don’t want you to dive into anything without preparation and planning. Remember

  1. Get your friends and family to join in.  I don’t care which plan you choose to do, as long as it is a clean diet, let’s get started.
  2. Follow me on Twitter and “like” my Facebook Page for updates and tweets.  I will be tweeting about my day, I invite you to do the same and use #HealthMC on all your tweets to see what other participants are sharing about their progress.

Day 0: Preparation

  1. Know WHY you want to do this before you start adventuring in the HOW. You reason to get healthy has to be a very strong one.  A reason that is stronger than any “BUT’ you can and will come up with.  For instance your why maybe “to get into my wedding dress”.  That’s is not a strong enough WHY because what happens after the wedding?  Remember this is a lifestyle that you are building so make yourself worth it and figure out a WHY that will keep you from eating junk food.”I want to get healthier because I want to stop the history of obesity and mindless eating in my family tree.  I want to feel in control by leading myself into being a role model for my son and others around me.  I want to inspire my clients to not give up because I’ve been there.”
  2. What do you want to accomplish by April 30th, 2011?
  3. Who do you have to become to make this happen?

What eating habit, physical activity and mind change are you going to do?

A few weeks ago, I was feeling sluggish and hit a plateau.  I was introduced to Isagenix products and decided to try the 9-day Cleansing System to get into new gears as I prepare for my next show. I followed the system to the “T” and lost a total of 8lbs. The greatest side effects I experienced were

  • sleeping bette
  • no longer feeling bloated
  • I broke my plateau and had lots of energy.

I chose Isagenix because it aligns with my healthy lifestyle as an athlete and my family can enjoy the same healthy benefits. Isagenix even has a Kosher line and their protein quality is extraordinary. If you car breaks down you have no hesitation in spending $500 to make it run smoothly, so why would you want to put junk in your body or some products that you have no idea what the ingredients are or what the side effects will be.

You do not have to start this journey with Isagenix, I will provide you the tips I live by on my blog either way because this is not about  PUSHING PRODUCTS, this is about changing the way we take care of the greatest asset we have “OUR BODY”.

I recommend you get a journal  to track your measurements, your eating habits, and to watch yourself change gradually. It can be extremely motivating.  Your first assignment is to answer the questions 1-4 in your journal.  Type it also, print it and put it on your fridge, vision board or somewhere you can see it everyday.

Recipe of the Day:

Visit my guest blog at Designer Wife hosted by my amazing friend and designer, Lindsay, to try a clean recipe of Dark Chocolate Chicken Tortilla.

Make sure you check the Ultimate Blog Party for lots of cool free prizes and a chance to win $100 gift certificate I am offering to one (1) lucky winner to try Isagenix.   Let’s get healthy and spread the love…

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

“A Healthier Me Challenge” In April 2011

Image by © Sean Justice/Corbis

Starting April 1, 2011 I want to kick-off a challenge called “A Healthier Me Challenge” (HealthMC).  Join me at the  Ultimate Blog Party where one (1) lucky winner will receive $100 Gift-Certificate that can be used at my online store, SimplyWebly

What to Expect

For 21 days , from April 1 to April 22th, we will be working together to change our

  1. Diet
  2. Activity Level
  3. Lifestyle
  4. The way we see ourselves

You will not be doing this alone because I will be doing the challenge and post about what I do, my progress, and end results.  This is not about DIETING, this is about starting or strengthening the foundation for a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE with or without a gym membership.

Why should you join the Challenge?

Accountability and feeling good about yourself without being judged. When like-minded people get together to carry out something and celebrate together, they tend to stick to the plan

. Having a platform to report to and share your progress makes you feel like you don’t want to waste any more time talking the talk and not walking the walk.

What’s the Plan?

  1. From April 1- Arpil 8, Join the HealthMC challenge.  Visit the Blog Party where one (1) lucky person could win $100 Gift Certificate courtesy of Moi.
  2. Register for the challenge by commenting on this blog post with this sentence :” (your name) is on her/his way to be a Healthier Me.”
  3. Spread the word, invite family, friends and co-workers because You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” (Zig Ziglar)
  4. I will be posting daily motivation and tips so make sure you subscribe to the blog  and get the RSS Feed
  5. If you have a Twitter account, follow me @SimplyWebly and search for the hashtag HEALTHMC , save the search to get the latest tweets about the challenge (#HealthMC)

Thank You
Thank you for the incredible year so far, thank you for the amazing support I receive. Let’s simplify getting healthy together.


Ultimate Blog Party 2011

SimpleChef: Turkey Meatloaf with Baked Sweet Potato

I am doing a plate revolution in my house as of this week.  It all started when my husband, who is more than 6 feet tall told me “Web just because I am tall doesn’t mean that my plate should be loaded with food”.  I looked at him all puzzled and asked what he wanted me to do.  He told me that he was now “100% on board with clean eating but the big plates had to go, gone, kaput!”

This was never an issue for me because I mostly eat on the go in small containers.  My husband on the contrary eats at home. So here we are sometimes, him with a big plate and me with a container from my cooler.  He also told me flat out “Whatever you are doing, that’s what I want to do.  I don’t see you eating in a big plate”.

Starting today I am bringing you SimpleChef in smaller plates.  Besides portion size as we know it has gone out of control in the United States.  What use to be a large size drink years ago is now a small.  So I bring you 2 tips this week

  1. use smaller plates because what you see is what you eat. If you don’t have it in front of you, you will not eat it.
  2. When having dinner during the week, put everyone’s serving in a plate and store the rest in the refrigerator right away.  First it gets cold, second you already put it away, and third you don’t see it and you will be less tempted to go for seconds.

Finally getting to SimpleChef’s recipe for this week I bring you a turkey meatloaf paired with classic baked sweet potato.  What you need:

  • Pre-heated oven at 375 degrees
  • As many sweet potatoes you will need washed, sprayed with olive oil cooking spray, and wrapped in aluminum foil (If you don’t plan on eating them in the next 3 days, don’t bake a whole lot of sweet potatoes, it will go bad and the food will be wasted).
  • 1 pound of ground turkey breast (make sure the package says “Turkey Breast” which is leaner, I get mine at Trader Joe”s)
  • 1 cup of onion
  • 1 cup of tri-color peppers
  • 1 cup of whole wheat bread crumbs or panko bread crumbs
  • pepper to taste
  • 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites.
  • 1  flat cookie pan
  • olive oil cooking spray
  • lettuce leaves and salsa for garnish

Step 1: Mix the turkey and all the other ingredients except the potato  very well in a bowl. Get dirty and use your hands.  Spray the pan with olive oil cooking spray, use an ice scream scoop to separate the turkey  and use 2 scoops for 1 serving.  Place the turkey on the cookie pan, and spray with cooking spray. (Using the ice scream scoop allows you to use leftovers for snacks, salads, a quick sandwich or a wrap.)

Step 2: place the turkey and the potato in the oven and cook the turkey and potato for 45 minutes (or until well cooked).

Step 3: 5.5 ounces of turkey topped with 2 tbsp of salsa, and 4 ounces of sweet potato will satisfy you over 1 lettuce leaf.

Voila! and enjoy

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Motivation Monday: Positive Self-Image

Do you ever stop to think about how you see yourself and how it affects your actions and your decisions? Especially for women, with all the pressures around us, we get stuck on the idea that we are not talented, beautiful or worthy enough. A lot of times we are afraid of starting something new and taking risks because we take someone else’s perception and make it our reality. I’ve done this many times and the most vivid memory is the origin of my fear of writing.

In a conversation with a friend, 13 years ago, I told her that one of my dreams was to become a writer. She stepped all over my dream and told me “I wouldn’t consider doing that if I were you because you need to remember that English is your second language.” I carried this nonsense with me throughout college and I tell you my fear of writing was paralyzing at times. I hated everything that had to do with writing a letter, essay, or even journaling. I hated writing because well “English is my second language.” It wasn’t my opinion of myself, I took it from this person and made it my reality for 13 years. I did write essays and letters only when I had to and it took me agonizing hours. Ask me to swim across the ocean but don’t ask me to write a letter. I always felt that not being born speaking English was something that made my dream of becoming a writer an illusion.

Everything you do, every decision that you make is consistent with your self-image. Today I don’t blame this friend for my fear of writing; I take full responsibility for it because I made this non-sense part of who I considered myself to be: a person who will never be a writer because of the language she spoke at birth.

When you succeed at something big or small it ignites a fire in you and you just want to “conquer the world”. You feel unstoppable and you start to think about all the other things you always wanted to do and you just tackle it. You cultivate more and more the self-image of a winner. Once I saw what this person considered a handicap as a gift, the sky was only the foundation where I wanted to start new endeavors. English as a second language is a gift when 80% of Haitians, like me, are fluent in English, French and Creole (some even Spanish); this doesn’t sound like a handicap, it’s a gift and a blessing to dwell on on your way to the top. As far as writing, I can only get better by practicing, taking chances, and learning from incredible writers.

Appreciate your gifts and dwell on them. You want something, see yourself getting it and act like a winner by taking baby steps and learning to improve as you go. Often times, acting like a winner by constantly having a positive self-image is confused with being conceited or misinterpreted as arrogance. No one enjoys listening to a whiner who blames everyone except themselves for where they are in life today. No one enjoys listening to your problems over and over and over again especially if you are not doing anything about them. In fact 90% of people don’t care about your problems, 5% listen and tolerate you because they love you, and the remaining 5% are people who love you no matter what you are going through. So if I sound like I am ok and I am on my way, like God’s favor is upon me every day, like I am a winner, like nothing is impossible, like how I feel is who I am, then conceited and arrogance is a much happier place according to some clearly who are not winning at the game of life.

You are a champion, you are a winner even if you are not there yet. When you see it long enough, it becomes your reality, your story and your legacy. Always have a positive self-image even when times are tough because tough times never last, but tough people do.

Until next time, spread the love…..

What about you, tell me about a fear that came from a negative self-image?

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