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Motivation Monday: “Discipline Will Get You Somewhere, but Where?”

You changed your perspective to start your journey right, embraced where you are on the way to where you want to be. Then you established your vision (skinny me in 6 months, healthy lifestyle for life), and practiced visualizing the lion in the mirror instead of the tiny kitten. Finally, you are being kinder to yourself by using your word as your magic wand, now what? Zap! Abracadabra! up you go. It takes more than that to get you there.

You didn’t go to bed to wake up and magically find yourself where you are today, you’ve been there for some time now. Every day you take actions towards an end, you either make it or you don’t. Your habits will decide where you will end. Habits usually starts like something insignificant, eating a handful of chips, one extra slice of cake, a small ice scream scoop every time you make a trip to that health food store and pass the sorbet stand, nothing too damaging, flimsy cobwebs. With practice those flimsy cobwebs grow into a tight rope that controls your life everyday.

That’s where discipline comes in, discipline in visualizing your success even when you don’t have all the tools yet. Visualizing yourself healthier with more energy, happy with the girl in the mirror. Discipline comes in also by practicing the good habits every day. Whatever your course of action is on a daily basis, whether it is indulging in junk food, not sticking to your plan, on and off dieting, or staying put with the plan that you wrote down or that your personal trainer mapped out for you, you are practicing a habit every day. We spend so much time practicing the bad habits or looking for a better alternatives. We are relentless at becoming an expert in barely making it or starting over.

Losing, just like winning, is a habit. Discipline will make you either a winner or a loser. Choose to have within you the vision, practice the habits that will help you succeed everyday. That kind of discipline will make you a winner.

Remember to join my #HealthMC challenge and let’s build some great habits and discipline to get us to the healthy finish line.

Until next time, spread the love…..

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