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Day 11 HealthMC “Beating Sugar Addiction (Part 3)”

Glazed DoughnutsThis is the last part of Beating Sugar Addiction series and I really hope the information provided helped you identified trigger food and create an action plan to kick the habit for good. Part 1 of the series covered addiction to energy drinks, coffee, or anything to keep us going. Part 2 was more about reacting to stressful situation by reaching for sweets. Today Part 3 will cover sugar cravings caused by PMS (premenstrual syndrome) and menopause.

What does sugar addiction look like at that time of the month? (part 3)

  • you are irritable and anxious
  • you feel depressed and unhappy
  • you are bloated and easily weigh up to 10 lbs more
  • your breast are extremely sensitive

for menopause

  • you are tired
  • you experience insomnia
  • you have bad headache, hot flashes and bad cravings

Those are just a few and I am sure there are more symptoms.

Solution (Part 3)

Women experience these wacky hormones situations that cause sugar cravings, binging of high carb foods; a complete mess if you were doing well on your nutrition plan.  There are some steps to take to curb the sugar cravings but in extreme cases it is best to consult your physician.  The solutions involve

  • Getting rid of high sugar foods in your diet especially fat food, processed food, fruit drinks.
  • Getting rid of drinks with sugar substitute as well
  • Choosing food that have a low glycemic index
  • Having more white flour
  • Choosing organic food as much as you can
  • Drinking a lot of water
  • Including soybeans in your diet
  • Satisfying sweet tooth with dark chocolate

This completes the “Beating Sugar Addiction” series.  Sugar addiction is real and kicking the habit can be very challenging.  Look over all the series and identify ways that you consume too much sugar.  The suggestions I made are simple changes to make in your nutrition.  For Part 3 you should consult your physician to find the best way to deal with hormonal changes that goes beyond food choices.

Until next time, spread the love…


Day 10 HealthMC “Beating Sugar Addiction (Part 2)”

Creamy Coconut CakeIn part 1 of the series, Beating Sugar Addiction, we discussed how sugar loaded food and  energy drinks were used to sustain energy for a busy person, and how it turns into an addiction with an unbalanced nutrition.  Part 2 of the series has to do with using sugar as a coping mechanism to deal with stress.

What does it look like when you use sugar to deal with stress (Part 2)?

  • Is your life always a crisis?
  • Do you react to everything to cause a chain reaction of stressful events?
  • When faced with a small problem do you turn it into a huge deal?
  • Do you have problem saying no to friends and family, to be stressed out about saying “YES” later?

When you are dealing with any kind of stress you need a sugar fix.  You indulge in one sweet treat after another to wake up one day and realize that you can no longer fit into your skinny jeans.  You beat yourself over it but you can’t seem to stop craving for more sugar.  When you give in to your sugar craving you feel a high and you have more energy to carry on.  You later crash, feel guilty and instead of eating something healthy you eat more sugary stuff.  You have time to prepare meals, but you prepare something you know that is bad for you.  30lbs and more overweight a couple of months later, depression sets in and you just become complacent and stop trying to lose weight altogether.

Solution (Part 2)

Since you reach for sugar in any flight or fright situation, your can set yourself on your way to cut the sugar cravings substantially and possibly end it by

  • Drinking a lot of water
  • Cutting out sugar, caffeine and white flour. Replacing coffee with tea
  • Including high protein in your meals like lean chicken, fish, nuts, eggs.
  • Never skipping breakfast which should consist of protein, veggies and whole grain
  • Having a lunch similar to your breakfast
  • For dinner having protein with non-starchy veggies.
  • Making fruits your dessert and  nuts your snacks
  • Having some protein right before bed to avoid late night cravings.

Sugar cravings – unless it is a diagnosed condition – is always related with a poor diet.  The bad think with consuming large measure of sugar is that the part that is not used as energy in you body turns into fat. This type of fat seats mostly in your mid-section and gives you the NOT so lovely love-handles and extra layer of tissue hanging around your bra.  It will never be both ways meaning if you eat a balanced diet, you can’t possibly be craving sugar all the time.

Simple Guest: A Woman’s Amazing Weight Loss Success Story




Meet Jaime (“Jemmy” ), an extraordinary woman who overcame a lung condition to shine.  I am always inspired and motivated when I meet women like Jaime who never cease to amaze me with their dedication and desire to win.  Jemmy honored me by being my first Simple Guest.  Jaime brings us an incredible Weight Loss Success Story along with a sweet Simple Giveaway for the weekend.

It’s a Mental Game

My Journey - Before

My name is Jaime (“Jemmy”), and I have been on my own journey toward health since the summer of 2008. Over these 2+ years, I have picked up loads of information on health and fitness, and it all has really helped me out. But, the biggest lesson that I have learned through all of the ups and downs of my personal rollercoaster ride is that it is largely a mental game.

When I was overweight, I was very depressed and felt quite isolated. I had friends; but, because I felt so unattractive and had lost my sense of self when I became overweight, I was afraid of allowing my true self to really shine. I lived a largely inactive and sedentary life due to a lung condition and piled increasingly bad eating decisions onto my situation, which of course made everything worse. With this struggle, depression set in and I felt quite hopeless, which ultimately led to more eating. This weight gain cycle kept spiraling out of control until I reached about 200lbs.

It took some suddenly positive and unexpected news to jar me into accepting my first mental challenge: to decide whether I was worth the effort of becoming healthy again. My pulmonary specialist cleared me to exercise. See, I had been dealing with scarring on my right lung due to an injury for nearly a decade, and it caused me to give up working out. I fought that end at first. But, the difficulty became too great, and I eventually accepted inactivity as my new normal and became unhealthy. But, with the doctor’s news, my first and final excuse was no longer valid. If I was going to change my circumstance, now was my chance. Would I take it? I had to first take the time to analyze why it was important for me to change my life. What would I gain? How much effort was I willing to put forth? Could I really do it? Would it make a difference to the quality of my life?

I decided to take some time to jot down my thoughts. I looked back at all the times I ate until I felt the pain of being too full. I thought about those days when I didn’t have anyone to eat lunch with and just made a quick trip to McDonald’s. Then, I thought of how these lunch trips to the Golden Arches eventually led to breakfast stops before work. I thought about how I gorged whenever I went to my parents’ house for dinner—going back for seconds and thirds. Had my relationship with food become emotional? That led to a whole new slew of thoughts.
Now, I wanted to track what triggered my eating. I figured that the only way to really tackle my problem was to get at the root of it. Well, the biggest two offenders turned out to be loneliness and boredom. I didn’t have much self-worth or enough people and activities to fill my life and feed my soul; so, I used food to fill my stomach instead. I would be by myself during my lunch break at work and eat. I would be home alone at night and eat. I would be home on the weekends after church and eat. I would be in front of the television with nothing better to do. Even though I was not hungry, I would eat just to pass the time. And, my choice was always greasy, salty, or sugary foods. THAT had to change.

My Journey - After

Taking these difficult first steps to be honest with myself was a painful process. But, it was a necessary first step for my journey toward self-love and health. My story will continue in my next guest blog post. So, stay tuned!


Two free sample packets of Shakeology + a recipe card!  The winner will be chosen from those that provide correct answers to all three of the following questions:

  1. How much weight did I lose in 2008?
  2. What are the two types of articles that I write?
  3. I’m training for my first triathlon.  Which charity am I raising money for?

Find the answers at Then, submit your answers to Jaime at:

At Health Jems Jaime shares her journey and expertise as a Beachbody Coach.

Like This!

SimpleChef: Tomato and Canadian Bacon Breakfast

I hope you had a chance to make the Quinoa Shrimp salad and also get very creative in the process. I made this delicious breakfast this morning easy to prepare and also on a budget. It’s SimpleChef’s Tomato & Canadian Bacon Breakfast and these are the ingredients you will need:

  • 1 (100%) whole wheat sandwich roll of 100 calories or less
  • 2 slices of uncured canadian bacon
  • 1 tbsp of light sharp cheddar cheese
  • 2 slices of tomato
  • 1 tsp of dijon mustard
  • 1 tbsp of Chobani plain greek yogurt
  • 1/2 grapefruit sliced

Step 1: You can use a toaster oven or a regular oven broiler to toast the sandwich roll for 2 minutes.  Remove it from the oven when slightly browned.

Step 2: Mix the yogurt and dijon mustard together and spread the mixture evenly over each  sandwich roll slice (the dijon mustard with greek yogurt is a great substitute for mayo on any sandwich)

Step 3: Add a slice of Canadian bacon on each roll slice, followed by the tomato.
Sprinkle the tomato with half of the cheese on each roll slices.  Return everything in the oven an broil for 1 minute 1/2 and enjoy with the grapefruit.

Voila! what it looks like

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did and have a lovely weekend.  Spread the love…

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Simple Giveaway: The Best of Clean Eating Book



I couldn’t think of a better Valentine’s day giveaway then The Best of Clean Eating book (Value $22.95) by the Editors of the Clean Eating Magazine. A gift of health, a gift that will benefit much more than chocolate.

As one of my mentors, Zig Ziglar, says “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” So this book is my Valentine’s Day present to help one (1) lucky winner, on their journey to a healthy lifestyle.

How do you Win.

All you have to do is post a comment on this post. Wait a minute now, don’t just say “I would like to win” or “Pick me” .  I want you to tell me in your post what you would like to see me blog about.  I want you to tell me how I can better help YOU, the audience, live a healthy lifestyle.

How will the winner be selected and contacted

Only one (1) winner will be selected using and announced on Monday, February 14, 2011 .    I will post a reply to the winner’s comment to have you contact me via email at to provide me with a valid US Address to ship you the book.  The book will be delivered directly from Border’s so PLEASE provide a mailing address that will not be an issue with US Postal Services.



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