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Day2: HealthMC “I Dream of My Ideal Physique”

Now that you know WHY you want to be a healthier YOU, made some preparations to set up good habits that will lead you to success, my first question to you today is: Do you have Physical Balance in your life now?

In every area of your life (relationship, lifestyle, spiritual, family, mental,financial and physical) there has to be equal balance. Where does your priority lie?  For instance if you say “I want to be healthier or lose 100 pounds” and you are a workaholic, the balance is off . You need to make yourself a priority.  Besides no one on their death-bed worries about the presentation that wasn’t ready, the overtime they missed.  Make yourself a priority and don’t work hard to pay a physician your retirement money because you were too busy for YOU.

The other questions I want you to take some ME time to answer today

  • What are 5 things you are mostly proud of and grateful for?   Start your planning in a place of gratitude.  There is no point dwelling in the past (learn from it but don’t be a victim). When you dwell on the wonderful things about you, you open your mind for creativity and you regain confidence.
  • what is my ideal physique (now I don’t mean by that to look like someone else or a celebrity), what will make you happy with your physique realistically?
  • Who do you have to become to make it happen?  Eat less junk food, exercise regularly, cook food at home instead of spending a fortune to eat out, start meditating, read health blogs, a new wardrobe, a person who doesn’t give up  and use food as a way of dealing with stress.  Do you need a personal trainer, an online coach to help you? What do you need to do to have your ideal physique.
  • What are your dreams? Dreaming is not just for financial goals, get in touch with your inner child and think of activities you always wanted to do: marathons, triathlon, swimming, sprinting, dancing, sky-diving.  Pick something physically challenging and prepare for it.

The assignment today is to carefully think about where you are physically today,   Think about the changes deep down in your heart you know you can make and start TODAY, not Monday, now.

Remember to plan your meals and take a look at SimpleChef’s recipe of the day Oh! Spaghetti.

Until next time, spread the love…

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