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Day 4: HealthMC “Spring Cleaning”

White gloss kitchen design with wooden floorsOur guest yesterday, Paula Hannah, mentioned “nothing was more impactful than the following statement the PT shared. “This is an 80/20 process, 80% diet/20% exercise”.

If 80% of the process is nutrition/diet, then why in the world do we spend hours doing cardio?  No more of that nonsense, you know it, you hear it all the time, so now it’s time to show action.  It’s time for some kitchen, pantry, mini-fridge in the bedroom (we know some of you have those), work cabinet, glove compartment, secret stash in the basement, basement freezer SPRING CLEANING.

Motivation alone will not make you succeed.  If you are truly serious about living a healthy lifestyle, get rid of anything in your home that can sabotage your efforts.  It doesn’t matter how much you paid for it, GET RID OF IT!  Don’t bring it to your job! If it’s unhealthy for you, it’s unhealthy for anyone else.

Moms are usually the ones who do grocery shopping for the entire family so it’s time to show some tough love and set up good habits NOW when it is the best time in your kids.  If it’s not good for mommy, it’s not good for your kids either.  Kids adapt faster than we think, give them more credit and don’t use excuses like “that what he/she likes”. YOU are the adult, YOU buy the food, YOU are the boss, YOU make the decisions that are best for your family for life.  No more sugary cereal, juice loaded with sugar (unless you enjoy going to the dentist not for annual cleaning), no more microwave pancakes, microwave anything.  Cook real food, involve them in the process, eat together and have quality time with your family.

The assignment today is to grab a big trash bag and to go through your refrigerator, pantry, or anywhere you know junk food is lurking waiting to sabotage you when you are at your pick performance.  Do not underestimate the power of junk food.  If you have it in the house, YOU WILL EAT IT.

Recipe of the Day:  Salmon fillet & Cucumber like you never had it before


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