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Help Haiti

We all have something very dear to us.  For me it’s Haiti.  Haiti to me will always be the “Pearl of the Islands”.  On January 12, my country suffered great losses and to date my brothers and sisters continue to suffer.  Young women find themselves homeless and victim of rapes sleeping in public tents and children with no one to protect them from predators.

My husband took a trip after the earthquake to help and volunteer.  My dream is to start a program that will give shelter for homeless kids and young women. To feed them through a food pantry system and offer micro loans to help the community get back on their feet.

As I type this I have no idea how this dream will come to pass but I know that it is my calling.  I am posting our YouTube video of my husband’s trip to Haiti in hope that you too would be encouraged to reach out and volunteer.  There is still great need for volunteers.  The smallest things can help, used clothes, canned foods, extra tents (Walmart has big ones to hold 8 to 10 people for only $120), sanitary napkins, diapers, formula.  Take it upon yourself to fly to Haiti and change 1 life.

Haitians are wonderful and warm people who are also extremely resilient and hopeful even in the face of despair. I l believe that Haiti shall prevail…….

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