Making The Complicated Simple

Bathroom Scale2 more days and the healthMC challenge will be over.  Yes it’s been almost 21 days.  I hope you took full advantage of those days and made some progress.

Today’s post is  about a sensitive subject especially for women “THE SCALE”.

I remember when I started my healthy lifestyle journey, I had my mind set on a number.  Back then the number was 160 pounds.  Once I reached that number I started to train to compete and my nightmare with the scale begun.  The magic number for me was 125 pounds on stage.  It was a nightmare because no matter what progressed I made, no matter how my body changed, I wasn’t satisfied with the number on the scale.  If it didn’t read 125 pounds I wasn’t a happy.  It got more frustrating as I tried harder to reach the number and I couldn’t go past 130 pounds.

Something was not right with that picture. So I asked myself “Is my new lifestyle completely dependent on a scale? Am I going to work myself out to death until I reach THE NUMBER?”  I grew tired of being frustrated with the scale and stopped stepping on it altogether.  What was happening is that every time I stepped on it, even if it was once a week or once every 2 weeks, I stepped down disappointed and wanting to work harder next time.  I was taking notes of my measurements but the number on the scale was more important.  One day flipping the pages of my workout journal I noticed a BIG difference on the measurements for 2 months with a ZERO difference in weights.  Call it Aha! moment, but for me it was the end of my nightmare and the beginning of a balanced, healthy and positive journey.

How well you are doing is not about the scale ONLY.  The scale can be going down and you nutrition sucks with high body fat.  Look at the big picture and consider those questions next time you get frustrated at the numbers on the scale

  • Is there a change in my waist size?
  • Are my clothes fitting differently?
  • If you just had a complete physical and went back for another one, are the numbers different this time?
  • Did you go from taking high cholesterol medications to not having to take them anymore?
  • Can you go up a couple of flight of stairs without feeling like your heart is coming out of your chest?
  • Can you run 5 miles instead of 1 mile now?
  • Did you go down 1 dress size?
  • Can you fit in your skinny jeans again?

In your journey to a healthy lifestyle, always focus on the big picture and DO NOT, ABSOLUTELY, NOT  make this about the scale. Otherwise, you never enjoy the ride and you allow a piece of metal to control your life.

Until next time, Spread the love…

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