Making The Complicated Simple

DumbbellYou don’t need a gym membership or an expensive piece of equipment at home to get a good cardio workout. With just a few items that costs less than $10 – some of them free- you can have a good workout in the morning before you step out of the house. Sometimes I know the night before that my day is going to be super busy and I’ll only have about 20 minutes to do some cardio. To get my workout in for the day and get my metabolism going, I have some 20 minutes routines that I do at home using

Gymboss is one of my favorite tools because it helps me time myself without giving in to distractions. It also help me challenge myself because every time I do a routine, I write down how many reps of an exercise I perform,. I use that information to try to beat my PR (personal record) the next time I do the same routine. That’s just another way your workout journal becomes very handy, helping you keep track of your PR.

20 Minutes Interval

Use your jump rope to warm up for 5 minutes. Set 4 intervals of 5 minutes on your Gymboss (4 minutes plus 1 minute rest each). For each circuit, repeat every exercise back to back for 4 minutes and then rest 1 minute. Repeat each circuit twice

Circuit 1

  • 20 Jumping jacks
  • 20 high knees (10 each leg). If you can’t jump, make a fist and bring your knees up touching your fists as fast as you can. Your knees go towards your fist and you don’t lean towards your knees.
  • Stationary lunges (15 each leg)
  • 20 body squat
  • Rest 1 minute

Circuit 2

  • 20 mountain climbers
  • 10 push-ups (do girl push-ups if you cannot do perfect ones yet)
  • 15 burpees
  • 20 bicycle crunch
  • rest 1 minute

When your Gymboss timer ends voila! your cardio is done at home and you are ready go about your day.

Your Assignment is to try this routine and let me know your PR.

Until next time, spread the love…

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