Making The Complicated Simple

Some of the excuses I hear all the time from women

  • I’m not lifting weights because I want to look feminine
  • I have no intentions of looking  like a fitness competitor, I just want to look normal.  (what is normal by the way?)
  • They eat like rabbits, I want to eat normal food (what normal food are you talking about because most of them eat clean?)
  • I was at a store and this lady saw a free magazine featuring a fitness competitor on the cover and said “see that, that is not feminine at all and I have noooooo intention of looking like that”

Ok, let me just put it out there, even if you have no intentions of competing you could at least say ” I want to look like a competitor”. Don’t look for a reason not to be in your best shape, choose to be a winner not a whiner.

The flip side is that so many women dropped this defeated attitude and decided to reclaim their health by changing their body at any age.  One woman who proves all the earlier statements wrong is Paula J. Hannah.   At 48 years old she looks the best that she ever did in her life.  This month she was featured as a success story in Oxygen Magazine.  Paula is my guest today and I give you her own words to inspire you today. I am 100% sure that Paula will inspire you so stop by her Facebook page and let her know how her story moved you.

June 2009, at the ripe age of 46 (celebrated my 48th birthday this past November) I purposed in my heart to live, having survived a mentally abusive marriage of 10 yrs (dated 7 yrs prior), relocating to a city where I knew NO ONE compounded by single parenting, 2 yrs of unemployment, foreclose, repositions, depression, brokenness and despair only to come to the point in my life where I now stand, RENEWED.

I was alive but not living, breathing but not feeling, conscience but not aware.  I vaguely recall clothing myself in “green with envy” as a friend from church began taking actions to lose weight.  I would often say to myself how much I wish it were me until one day I decided to no longer stand idly by but take matters into my own hands.   I renewed my gym membership at the local commercial gym in addition to using the gym fully paid for at the office…yes I know…tisk tisk tisk.

One evening at the gym I was offered a personal training session and while I gathered a lot of useful tips concerning the proper way to use the equipment and proper form, nothing was more impactful than the following statement the PT shared.  “This is an 80/20 process, 80% diet/20% exercise”.  He further explained that the more effective and fail proof way to reach a healthy weight and obtain a body I could be proud of was first made in the kitchen.  I’ve been 100% clean eater since May 2009.

I realized quickly that creating and executing a workout routine was way out of my area of expertise so I forfeited owning a car in exchange for training sessions.  During the intake I was asked what were my short and long-term goals?  Can you say clueless!  I knew I didn’t want to give the standard “girly” answer of wanting to be toned so without much thought I said body build…I let it rest then repeated….yeah I want to be a bodybuilder.  Little did I know that this external restructuring would have as much of an internal repair mechanism as it did to my physical structure.  The place I least likely would be found was the place where I was found.  I’ve often said that once my outsides caught up with my insides I was going to be certifiably dangerous.

Goal set, goal achieved…Oct 2010 I stepped on the stage 82lbs lighter (227lbs May 2009).  While the outcome didn’t result in a top 5 placing I know right well there’s no hardware equal to having my mom say with tears in her eyes she couldn’t recall the last time she saw me smile; my only daughter (15yrs) designing a shirt that read “Proud Daughter of a Bodybuilder”; FB friends whom I never met taking a 5hr car ride to show their support; trainer confessing that he commented to the person seated next to him “Dang she has one hell of a back” then realized it was me.  No, I didn’t walk away with a trophy but a WINNER none the less.

Recipe of the Day: is SimpleChef Canadian Bacon Breakfast

Until next time, spread the love…

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