Making The Complicated Simple

The Challenge

One of the greatest challenges that my clients face on their journey to a healthy lifestyle is “food preparation”. I can relate to their struggle and understand that it has to do with habits. We get busy with balancing work and family life that we tend to neglect the way we eat. We rely on the small restaurants or food courts around our jobs to try to eat healthy. The problem with that is that  we have no idea what we are eating and it’s hard to get the nutritional information eating on the go unless you go for processed frozen food which is also VERY BAD (loaded with carb, sodium and all kinds of ingredients we can’t pronounce. Isn’t this  food?)

The Bad Cycle

You didn’t wake up to find yourself eating the way you are today overnight.  The thing with habits is that they work both ways, positively and negatively.  You practice eating junk food long enough, it becomes a bad habit that destroys your health. You practice eating nutritious food, you built healthy  habits.  The later gets more and more difficult because the they  are  part of your routine and the older you get, the harder it is to get rid of them.  Those bad habits cause you to

  1. yo-yo diet: start a program, lose 10 pounds, have 1 cheat meal after another to put back the 10 pounds and start the cycle all over again.  In this case you hear yourself saying or thinking “I can’t seem to go past 150 pounds. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong”
  2. be on track all week to get of the wagon at cousin’s Jaime’s party thinking that a 2 day cleanse will get you back on track and somehow erase the effect of the bad eating on your system in 2 days.  Doing that is just as bad because you are messing up your metabolism.
  3. have low self-esteem , become complacent and give up all together. You blame it on lack of time and just get more and more set in that comfort zone.

The Change

Now that you know WHY you want to live a healthier lifestyle, you need a plan to succeed

  1. NEVER  skip breakfast.  Take a look at the recipe of the Day

  3. Your activity plan. Write your workout schedule for a whole week in advance.  Mine looks like this:Monday : back, chest, arms , 30 minutes light cardioTuesday: Legs, 30 minutes light cardioWednesday:  15  HIIT Cardio, 20 light cardio,  and absThursday: Back, Chest, 30 minutes light cardio, and food shopping for next week

    Friday: Legs , 30 minutes light cardio

    Saturday: , arms, shoulders, cardio sprinting

    Sunday: Resting, food prep.

    I split my cardio and lifting by doing lifting in the morning 45 minutes and cardio at night most of the time watching some CSI show killing 2 birds with 1 stone. Followed by a self-myofascial stretching on a roller.

  4. Food plan is fairly simple if you want it to be.   You can prepare ahead of time for 3 days.  I described how to build a schedule on an earlier blog “Knowledge is power only if you use it”

Food preparation and workout scheduling should put you on track  for a successful week. Come back let me know the plans that you’ve made for the upcoming week.

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