Making The Complicated Simple

We get lots of advice from people, some of them very useful, some funny, and some really wacky.  We value our parents’ advice but as adults we start to question some of them.

I was always a very competitive student in high school.  If I didn’t perform the way I expected too, I asked my mom to get me some help.  I remember my first bad grade on a math test; I was devastated and when I got home I asked my mom to get me a math tutor because I sucked at it.  She got me a tutor, as a matter of fact I got 2 tutors and they drilled math so much into my brain that I began to ace most of my tests.

The next problem I had was with remembering things.  Now that I think about it, a lot of what I studied in high school, I memorized without understanding a word in what the author was talking about.  In a test all you had to do was to spit out what you memorized and you get an A.  So I had a memory problem too and asked my mom for help.  “Mom, I have a problem memorizing stuff, I need help”.  My mom’s advice came in a quite genius and wacky way, “don’t worry Billy Billy (as she calls me), I have the perfect food for your memory problem.”

The next day with my dinner I was served grapefruit juice mixed with milk, which I hated.  When I asked my mom why I had to drink grapefruit juice knowing that I hated it, the answer was “It’s good for memory”.  OK I said and forced myself to drink it.   Needless to say the following months, I was bombarded with all kinds of fruits, veggies and other things that before the whole “It’s good for your memory” pitch line you wouldn’t pay me enough to eat.  Mom said it’s good for memory well, here we go.

You are probably wondering how this wacky advice affected my grades.  Well I got As, Bs and sometimes Cs.  I was convinced that the memory foods worked.  Now fast-forward 20 years, when my mom came to visit my husband and I, I had to ask her about the “Memory food” plot.  She laughed out loud in my face and said “I got you good with that one, didn’t I.  Now you eat your veggies and you drink grapefruit juice no questions asked right? Billy Billy”    Imagine that, my own mother lying to me about memory to trick me into eating everything I use to fight with her to eat.  The worst part was that I gave her the ammunition.

Whether or not some foods improve memory, I am sure some do. But  tricking a child into eating her veggies and using “It’s good for memory” advice to convince her is just plain Wacky.  I love you mom, but next time please no wacky advice.

What is the most wackiest advice that you ever got?  Please share it with us and comment on the blog.

Until next time, spread the love…

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