Making The Complicated Simple

Simple Chef: Simple Snack

You know how you get very excited to get everything right during the week and you buy all kinds of fruits because

  1. you do not want to get bored and
  2. you are not taking another trip to the grocery store for fear of leaving the store with more than just fruits.

There is always the one that you forget, the itsy bitsy left over of strawberries. When you finally remember it’s existence in your  fridge,you do not want it to go bad.; “Oh no you’re not, I paid good money for this. I hate throwing out good food.”  Why not turn it into a quick snack?

Say hello to Simple Chef’s  Simple Strawberry Parfait snack.

You only need 1/2 cup of strawberries 




1/3 cup high fiber Uncle Sam cereal which contains 10g of fiber and less than 1 g of sugar






6 ounces of Chobani plain greek yogurt and  1/2 scoop of whey protein flavor of your choice.  Layer everything like a parfait in a tall glass and


Simple Snack that will curb cravings.

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