Making The Complicated Simple

85 days before 2011.
85 days left to put into action the resolution list you put together on January 2010.
That’s it, 85 days.

It’s amazing how time flies and it’s frustrating when it flies and you look at that resolution list to feel like you didn’t accomplish a third of what you wanted to. Maybe that’s why “New Year’s resolutions” do not work. They are just a list that 90% of people never put into action.

I remember reading an article way back where the author was saying how crazy and unrealistic it was to start a new diet before Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Why not? I said to myself reading the article.
Why conform myself to the status quo?
Why go on this eating spree to find myself depressed, demoralized on January 1st writing another resolution list only to add 10 more pounds to the ones I already wanted to lose last January?
The list pretty much goes like this:
– I wanna lose 20 lbs
– I’m gonna wake up every day and do 1 hour of cardio before I go to work
– I’m gonna eat healthy and stop eating junk

Then pretty much around February it sounds like this
– I don’t have that much time anymore
– I don’t have the perfect gym membership
– If I had a home gym, perfect gym membership, workout body etc…

You commit to something time and time again to find yourself not getting anywhere. I want to tell you to break the status quo and make those 85 days count. Finish the year with a BANG. Thanksgiving is THANKS GIVING not ALL THAT YOU CAN EAT GIVING to your body. Make it count and plan to cook healthy meals (so many resources available now for clean eating Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners).

Make those 85 days count because you just cannot wait for the ideal situation to start because that just gets you into a rut and to quote Napoleon Hill

Getting into a rut, which means that we accept our fate because we form the habit of daily routine, a habit that finally becomes so strong, we cease to try to throw it off.”

I know what the rut is like in your weight loss journey. You start good on Monday, you eat healthy, on Wednesday you eat healthy half of the day to fall off the wagon. Depressed and disappointed at your lack of discipline, you manage to pick yourself back up and resolve to starting over without making any friction. You step on the scale 1 week later to notice that you are either the same weight or you gained 2 or 3 lbs.

There is a different way to think about where you are today. Resolve to take it one step at a time. Get a mentor, get a personal trainer, get on something and stick with it for 85 days. When you are getting closer to your goal, it will get harder and you will be tempted to quit. That’s the time you should hang in there the most because that is the time that will set you apart, the time that will put you in the small percentage who actually made it. Once you get to the other side, there is no going back and you will change your life forever.

85 days? Who do you want to be, a wanna, gonna, or Action kinda person?

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Comments on: "Wanna, Gonna, don’t have, if I had …. What type of person are you?" (2)

  1. I agree, Webly. My family all knows that I’m trying to eat well and lose weight. They have commented on my progress and even asked me for my recipes. They even try to accommodate me. For example, my aunt is cooking me baked chicken breast and salad for a dinner we are having Sunday because she knows my commitment and supports it. You can make it through gatherings as long as you allow people to see your commitment and know that you have some stick-to-itness. You can find foods that are clean or even just eat clean before you go to the gathering so you won’t feel that you are alienating yourself. You can be social and still achieve your goals. That’s my plan and I’m sticking to it!

    Continue with your motivation towards others!

    • It’s great Lori when you have a support system because after you reach your goal or while you are on your way, you become their role model and they get on board.

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