Making The Complicated Simple

You know the feeling and excitement that comes with starting a workout and eating plan to get in that nice dress that we bought 3 sizes smaller. “This is it, now or never, I am going to do it this time”.  2 weeks go by or even 3 weeks, you get invited to a social gathering or just to have lunch with a friend and all it takes is one bad food after another and we spiral into this never-ending sabotage galore.  “I’ll start over tomorrow”, than tomorrow becomes Monday “It’s better to start on Monday or Sunday” and 1 month goes by and the 5 pounds we worked so hard to lose are back with friends and cousins (extra pounds).

How do you keep your momentum? What do you do?

I can only share my own experience.  Boy I started over so many times that I lost count.  I started over so many times that I got tired of starting over.  Every time I started over I picked a different diet, a different plan, a different workout (that was way before my clean eating days and a workout plan that works).  I was the perfect walking advertisement for Yo-Yo dieting; you might as well call me “Yo-Yo mama”.

Frustration sets in and you just give up all together or you go back to your plan, you’re on for 3 days and off for the rest of the week.

I found my mojo, in this case momentum by first stopping all the nonsense and establishing a WHY?  Remember Mr. Why?  But knowing why is not enough by itself if you don’t establish good habits.  I needed to do an inventory and really think about how to sabotage-proof myself.

  1. I got rid of all the bad foods and especially the cookies that I bought or anything else for that matter using my son as an excuse.  If it’s not good for me, well it’s not good for him either, end of discussion it is not coming in my house, I am not buying it.  I am the parent and he eats what I give him, and that’s that.
  2. The toughest part was changing my association, people I hung out with or spoke to most of the time.  If 2 people get together and talk about how they are always sabotaging their efforts and not going to the gym or doing what needs to get done to reach their fitness goals over and over and over, they both get nowhere.  They get comfortable consoling each other and just get stuck in a negative momentum (Yes momentum works both ways).  Enough! I want to talk to people who build me up, who saw me at a size 6 when I was a size 16. People if I complain to them won’t put up with it and tell me in my face that I was not heading towards success with this attitude (I hope Beau is not reading this…).  I decided it was better to have quality instead of quantity around me.
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